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Vedic Method Education Centre Pte Ltd

Vedic Method Education Centre Pte Ltd
2 Derbyshire Road
Singapore  309458  District Singapore  Singapore
Phone: 63388814
Fax: 63386311
Contact Person:
Student to Teacher Ratio (Example 8:1): 8
Average Age Range of Students: 6
Meal Provided (Yes/No): No
Registration Fees (RM): SGD$30
Schooling Hours:

Monday to Saturday - 8.00AM to 8.00PM
Sunday 3.00PM to 6.00PM

About Vedic Method Education Centre Pte Ltd

Founded in 2001, Vedic Method Education Centre (VMEC) is a Singapore Enterprise
Company representing the interests of the Vedic Math community around the World. It is
also a member of Singapore Mathematical Society which organizes the annual Singapore
Mathematical Olympiad.
Over the years, VMEC has developed a customised syllabus in line with Singapore Ministry of
Education’s School Syllabus. Our objective is to create and mould our students to be
Analytical and Logical in their way of Thinking.
VMEC teaching techniques places emphasis on Quality Work and Smart Learning.
Our Tuition & Enrichment programmes are personalised and delivers quality learning.
We welcome you to join us and discover the true essence of Learning .

Services & Features

Math & Art Enrichment Programmes


To bring out the excellence in your child's Intellectual development through quality learning. Be part of our
nation’s effort to create a thinking workforce capable of meeting the challenges of the future. To continuously
improve on our Learning Method that prepares our young for the challenges of the 21st century.


“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”


Vedic Method trains and mould’s a Logical & Mathematical Child. The Method emphasises on logic, abstractions,reasoning through numbers and facts. Students with this intelligence naturally excel in mathematics, science,computer programming and other logical or numerical activities. Students will be trained on traditional mathematical ability, placing more emphasis on reasoning capabilities . Students developing this skill demonstrate a high ability to perform complex calculations and produce analytical results. It correlates strongly with traditional concepts of "intelligence" or IQ. Such intelligence is associated with scientists, physicists, mathematicians, logicians, analysts,engineers, doctors, economists and leaders.


Our teaching method moulds a child to think out of the box. Using the following pyramid model , the child is trained to think, reason and evaluate rather than memorise without understanding. This development or ability is a missing link among many. The current Math and Science syllabus requires students to think, analyse and evaluate. Student who lack this ability will face a great challenge in Math and Science. The education system will continue to push boundaries to ensure students are skilled and able to handle the challenges of the future.


Our Vision is in Line with Singapore’s Ministry of Education to train our Students to be able to rise to the top of the Social Pyramid. To be at the Top, a child needs more than just Rote Learning. Teach Less, Learn More to engage our learners and prepare them for life. Doing tons of worksheet only prepares a child for an exam.
VMEC vision is to guide every child to use the gift of using their natural ability to think and evaluate the
challenges and demands of schoolwork.
VMEC places emphasise on quality work and smart learning, allowing your child to experience the true meaning of learning.


'It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not to fill the minds of students with facts... it is to teach them to think, if that is possible, and always to think for themselves.' --- Robert Hutchins

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