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Josiah Montessori Kindergarten

Josiah Montessori Kindergarten
5 Tampines Street 32 #02-01 Tampines Mart
  529285    Singapore
Phone: 6260 1312
Fax: 6634 2808
Hotline: 6260 1312
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About Josiah Montessori Kindergarten

Established in 1997, Josiah Montessori has helped educate well over 1,000 pre-schooler since. We believe every child is precious and our team of teaching and support staff count it their priviledge to love and nurture your child.
We are dedicated to meet the needs of every child in our care, enabling him or her to develop skills, ideas, attitudes and habits that will set the course for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.
We are proud to say that among the children who have graduated from Josiah Montessori, many are in the top 10% in the schools they have since moved on to, in individual subjects as well as in positions.
Many have won awards for excellent achievement in both academics and creativity. These children have also demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility and leadership qualities – quite a number have been appointed prefects, monitors, librarians, project leaders or have been asked to take on other leadership positions.
What’s So Special About The Montessori Way?
Dr Maria Montessori believed that the goal of providing early childhood education is to cultivate the child’s own natural desire to learn.
So instead of feeding your child with plain facts and figures from a curriculum, we help your child to first experience the excitement of learning by his or her own choice. Thereafter, we create a prepared environment and provide the right guidance for your child, perfecting his or her natural tools for learning. Thus maximising his or her ability to learn anything, anytime and in any situation.
Our Mission Statement
Josiah Montessori is committed to educational excellence. We are dedicated to meet the needs of each child in our care, enabling him/her to develop ideas, attitudes, habits and skills that lead to a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.


(18 months to 30 months)

The Toddler Montessori programme offers very young children an experience of self development in a tender atmosphere of special understanding, respect and support. Many of the activities in the Toddler programme highlight the self-help skills that lead to independence, concentration and confidence.

This naturally includes developing the child’s social graces, interaction with others, good manners and consideration for others like greeting, sharing, taking turns, etc.

Through songs, conversations, classifying objects, the child’s ‘sensitive period’ is tapped in to expand his/her growing vocabulary.

He/She will also have a variety of physical activities that offer him/her opportunities to jump, balance, crawl and run. The Toddler programme creates a gradual and gentle progression towards the Playgroup programme.

Playgroup to Advance Workgroup
(Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 1)

The Playgroup to Advance Workgroup classroom is basically a child’s world geared to the size, pace and interest of children of this age group. The environment is carefully prepared with specially designed apparatus that provide varied opportunities for the child to develop and progress individually.

The child begins work with simple concrete apparatus that helps develop concentration, coordination, independence and good working habits. This leads to more advance and complex work in the Workgroup and progressively into the Advance Workgroup. This curriculum includes Practical Life exercises, Sensorial activities, Mathematics, English, Mandarin, Culture, Music and Movement as well as Art and Craft.

The unique feature of this programme is that each individual child is allowed to blossom to his/her fullest potential through personalized guidance and a syllabus tailored to his/her own talents and individuality.

(Kindergarten 2)

The Pre-Primary class is specially tailored for six years old. The programme covers the whole spectrum of the Montessori curriculum within a more structured classroom teaching environment. It gives exposure to more group learning, board work, projects and assessments.

Apart from acquiring the basic skills of the English Language and Mathematics, the programme helps to develop confidence through recitals, public speaking and role play. More emphasis is also given to develop spelling, writing, creative thinking and problem solving skills. This will help prepare and enable them to meet the challenges and demands of formal school education in their later years.

(4 - 6 years)

This class caters to a child who is unable to attend our daily programme and yet wants to enjoy the benefits of Montessori Mathematics and English. He/She will acquire a strong foundation in these two subjects through this programme. This builds his confidence and interest; giving him the right start to future education.

(4 - 6 years)

In this class, the child learns to read and write through a systematic phonic scheme. Through kinesthetic movements, concrete materials, stories, songs, rhymes and games, learning phonics becomes fun, interesting and exciting. This programme is not to be missed for children who want to excel in their reading and spelling skills.

Nimble Fingers Nimble Minds
(4 to 9 years)

“Nimble Fingers Nimble Minds” focuses on using art and craft activities to nurture creativity, confidence and open-mindedness in your child.

Objectives :

* Learn the basic skills of drawing

* Explore alternative ways of creating 2D and 3D art pieces

* Experience a variety of painting and craft making


* Design, plan and construct their own creations through

project activities


Love the Language, Speak the Language
(4 to 6 years)

A Chinese Speech & Drama programme that aims to promote an interest and love for the language. Through a string of fun and exciting activities, your child will learn to speak eloquently and develop confidence in presentation and performance skills.

Objectives :

* Promote interest and love for the Chinese language

* Improve language expression abilities

* Gain confidence through dramatic performance

* Develop imaginative & creative thinking skills

(3 to 8 years)

An innovative and creative English speech and drama course that will take your child through stories, poems, music, role-playing, puppetry as well as other creative elements of drama. Don’t miss this self discovery journey where “ The World Is A Stage…”

Objectives :

* Provide an outlet for self expression

* Develop imagination and artistic awareness

* Increase social and mental awareness through role play and group interaction

* Learn self respect, self discipline and most of all, self confidence

* Speech fluency and articulation

Holiday Programmes
(4 to 9 years)

Creative and innovative projects specially designed to guide your child through self discovery, exploration and team building activities by means of cooking, baking, field trips, party planning, crafts, music and much more.

Objectives :

* Enhance learning experience

* Discover new interests and potential talents

* Develop independence, planning and organizational skills

* Develop social and emotional skills



Josiah Montessori endeavours to be:
“A Preschool Every Child Looks Forward To”


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