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Benefits For Your Child As They Play in the Playground
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Benefits For Your Child As They Play in the Playground


If you ask your child what his favorite place in the day care is, I would guess that he would answer the playground. Outdoor playgrounds in the day care do make a child's stay there more enjoyable. Especially when these are painted in different colors, children would instantly race to play first on the play ground. As the parents, you might be concerned with a lot of safety issues, but I highly doubt that your child will get into any accidents because children are only allowed to play in a playground with supervision.

You need to understand that a playground can bring benefits for your child. You do not need to be negative about the idea that children will be exposed to a lot of danger when playing. You should know that a playground can bring a two-fold benefit for your child both beneficial for the physical aspect and the emotional one.

The physical fitness of your child will be greatly enhanced when they play in here. They are able to run and learn how to balance themselves. Their endurance and stamina will greatly improved especially with regular exercise in the playground. This is a form of aerobic exercise that enhances respiration and keeps a healthy metabolism. At an early age, muscle formation in the kids is very important to keep their circulation very much running properly. Depending on what your child plays, he will be able to develop his physical state. One long term effect that this can bring to you is the prevention of obesity and Type II diabetes since calories are constantly burned through exercise, your child will maintain a healthy body with it.

When it comes to your child emotions, he need to have develop a strong social relationship with others. He needs to know how he will be able to act properly with the children whether it involved conversing with them or sharing toys. In a sandbox, your child will play with other children and they can form sandcastles as a team, this will need to share shovels and pails. When your child waits in line to play in the swing or the monkey bars, he will have to deal with this and not go ahead of everyone else. Through these, you child will understand the meaning of having to understand the value of other people. He need to know that the world does not only revolve around him and that any action would cause a series of reactions that can affect the other children too.

It is nice to have a playground in the day care where you would send your child. Not only is his mental development important, but he needs to have a holistic development which touches the physical and social aspect of your child. It is now time to change your views on playgrounds, and see it in the light of something else. Don't be too pessimistic as this can affect your child's development. Allow them to enjoy and interact with other kinds through playing and you will see that this has long term benefits for him.

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